Expression of Interest (EoI)

The FBK Mobility4Research aims at fostering the personal and professional development of individuals by funding a study visit from 3 weeks to 9 months to governmental/public organizations, international commercial enterprises or international European interest organizations.

FBK welcomes expressions of interest (EoI) from its researchers for the Mobility4Research 2020 Scheme.

For more info, please read the full text of Mobility4Research 2020 (pdf).

NEW: Selected Expressions of Interest!

Those applicants who passed the validation must submit the final documents no later than the 20th of January 2020 (new extended deadline).


FBK research staff who have a working contract with FBK during the whole period of mobility as well as for at least five months after coming back from the mobility.

Those Research staff members who have gone through a selection process at FBK from at least one year prior to the call closing date.

Not to be granted a Marie Curie Intraeuropean fellowship, namely Marie Skłodowska-Curie action.

Mobility Grant

When submitting an Expression of Interest, candidates must include a budget estimate, which will be evaluated by the FBK Mobility Committee.

Please be informed that the FBK Mobility Committee will typically approve mobility expenses in the amount of € 1,500.00/month.

Additional costs will be examined by the FBK Mobility Committee.

FBK will continue to pay to the selected candidates their contractual wages during their stay abroad.


Submitting an Expression of Interest is a simple but mandatory first step for the Mobility4Research application process.

Your EoI will be assessed by the Joint Committee (FBK Research Assessment and HR Department) and then discussed jointy with your FBK Unit Head/Center Director.

in case of positive evaluation, you will be formally notified and then asked to provide an invitation letter from the host institution and a more detialed plan of activities by the 22nd of December.


Submission closed