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Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) fosters the enhancement of human capital by introducing new instruments for the career development and encouraging opportunities, such as international mobility.

Nowadays international mobility has been recognized as an important mean of enhancing scientific knowledge and professional development at any stage of a employee’s career.

The Mobility Program provides FBK staff with funding for a period of time in an external Institution, giving them the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills and to establish and foster connections both at  individual and institutional level. FBK Mobility aims at supporting employees in the development of international networks and long-term connections with partners abroad.

FBK Mobility program goals

Encourage personal and professional development.

Facilitating the mobility across international organizations, scientific institutes and industrial sectors.


Strengthen the professional profile with the skills needed for future success.

Give the opportunity to consolidate one’s networks.

Mobility4Staff – Gli esiti del bando 2018

In data 31 maggio si sono chiusi i termini di presentazione delle domande al bando Mobility4staff 2018 rivolto al personale afferente ai Servizi a supporto della Ricerca FBK. L'edizione di quest'anno ha ricevuto 4 candidature, tutte finanziate. Qui la...

Mobility4Research 2017/2018 – Selection result

Saranno tredici le nostre/i colleghe/i che avranno l'opportunità di trascorrere nel corso del 2018 un periodo di ricerca e formazione presso un ente partner internazionale. Qui le graduatorie --------- Thirteen of our colleagues have been selected for a period of...

Mobility4Research 2017/2018: info point giovedì 19 ottobre

In merito all'apertura del bando Mobility4Research 2017/2018, giovedì 19 ottobre dalle 11.30 alle 13.30 sarà attivo uno sportello informativo presso la sala EIT situata al I piano dell’edificio Nord a Povo. Il personale interessato a trascorrere nel 2018 un periodo di...

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